AGE 3 - 5 YEARS - CLASS SIZE 15-20
Class Overview
Our pre-school caterers for children from the age of three years up to five years. The three year olds are enrolled in daycare and the four and five year olds undertake the kindergarten curriculum.

All learners are expected to begin their education at this level. It is a two year programme.
Subjects for Pre-primary (Two Years)

- Language Activities
- Mathematical Activities
- Environmental Activities
- Psycho motor and Creative Activities
- Religious Education Activities

Our Pre-School Curriculum

Language is an important tool for facilitating learning as children use it to interact with their immediate environment. It is a medium of communication and a critical component of socialization as it equips learners with skills that are necessary for listening and speaking as well as developing literacy skills.

The essence of this activity area is to develop oral, reading readiness and writing readiness competencies in order to lay the foundation for language acquisition. The aim of teaching language activities at pre-primary school level is to enable learners to express themselves fluently and to assist them to improve the listening ability, concentration, understanding and memory.

Mathematical activities are important for laying a firm foundation for logical thinking and problem solving. Learning mathematics at pre-primary level empowers children to engage in basic analysis of problems and development of appropriate solutions in day to day life. It enhances logical and critical thinking, accuracy and problem solving.

Pre-primary mathematics curricula comprise learning basic mathematical concepts through manipulation of concrete objects and not abstract knowledge. Activities at this level form a firm foundation for the acquisition of competencies in classification, number and measurement skills.

Environmental activities entail the relationship between human beings and their environment.

These activities enable the child to develop positive relationships, appreciate the surrounding environment and cultural heritage, develop observation and discovery skills, and acquire life skills required to ensure safety in their environment. The curriculum offers opportunities for the children to explore the environment around them in order to acquire knowledge and skills that form the foundation for further learning.

Exploration of the environment allows unlimited opportunities for children to learn and satisfy their curiosity and makes learning more fun for them. The essence of environmental activities at the pre-primary level is to develop social, experimentation and discovery, personal hygiene and safety skills among the children. Nature study activities are best learnt through the inquiry method which includes simple experimentation and observation.

Social activities deal with acquisition of values and attitudes which aid in the holistic development of an individual, while safety activities mainly deal with life skills that ensure children remain safe and are not exposed to risks that may endanger their lives.

Psycho-motor and creative activities at pre-primary level enable learners to develop both fine and gross motor skills which are necessary for the control and co-ordination of different parts of the body. These activities enhance exploration and development of personal talents and skills as well as appreciation of their cultural heritage.

Pre-primary physical and creative curriculum comprises play and learning activities through which children exercise their bodies thereby facilitating blood and oxygen circulation for healthy and strong growth and development as well creative activities through which children develop their fine motor skills, imagination and creativity thereby developing their talents.

Moserene Academy Pre-School

The Details

Here’s a little summary about our pre-school class.

Age Group

3-5 Years

Class Size

15-20 Children

Curriculum Duration

2-3 Years