A fun and purpose built school for all the ‘Little People’

Moserene Academy is a mixed kindergarten and primary school located behind Mavoko Law courts, Athi River Sub-County. Moserene Academy opened its doors in second term, May 2006. It was not until September 2006 that the first child was admitted but left before the term ended because she was alone.

Afterwards, our children population began to grow steadily and by the end of 2007, we had a total of 16 children. From there the numbers continued to grow steadily.

We held our first Sports Day in 2008 within the school compound. Some of the events held were the tricycle race and balloon bursting.

Our first graduation ceremony was in 2008 where we graduated the first three children of Pre-unit class to Standard one.

Moserene Academy was awarded the best Early Child Development Education (E.C.D.E) award in Athi River District during the Educational Day on 13th July, 2012. This was and remains a milestone for us.

Our Mission

We believe in the ability to improve the quality of life of the individual students and their families through the provision of holistic education.

Our Vision

Our vision is based upon the premise that education as a basic right of every child ought to be provided in the highest standard to equip the child to reach their highest potential.

Feel The Difference

What gives our schools the quality you feel the moment you enter are the “pillars” of belief that support them. There are six core beliefs on which everything centers at our schools.

We’re a friendly community of teachers, children and parents.


All our staff are trained and qualified in their respective positions.


Our staff have years of experience that enables them to deliver quality service.

Play Areas

Play is an important part of learning and we provide sufficiently for the children.


We strive to provide the best learning environment to ensure optimum absorption.


We’re conscious of the fact that learning never stops and are therefore deliberate in all our activities & interactions.